NFCs Earn Titles in CFA

Cats are scored at each show and throughout the year CFA recognizes cats with GC, GP, and DM titles.

Distinguished Merit (DM) - The most difficult title to earn, it recognizes superiority in breeding programs.  It is awarded to any male who has sired 15 grands (GC or GP) or female who has bred 5 grands (GC or GP).
Grand Champion (GC) -
A cat who holds the title of Champion (CH) in the Championship class earns the title of Grand Champion when it defeats 200 other Champions.
Grand Premier (GP) - A cat who holds the title of Premier (PR) in the Premiership class earns the title of Grand Premier when it defeats 75 other Premiers.

Some cats earn their GC, are altered and continue to compete and earn the additional title of GP.  These cats are called "Double Grands" on this Web site.

The CFA Breed Council congratulates the cats that have earned the titles:  DM, GC and GP.  We hope you enjoy seeing these cats.

Distinguished Merit Awardees (DM)
Double Grands (GC & GP Titles Earned by the Same Cat)
Grand Champions
Grand Premiers



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