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1994 NFC Grand Premiers
(Listed By Date Title Earned)

GP B'ssa Billy Joe of Skogeier

Brown Ticked Tabby
Birth Date:  5/20/90

Breeder:  Jane & Lou Barletta
Owner:  Dawn M. Shiley

GP Title Earned:  1/8/94

GP Koryn Kjellincat Skogpus

Silver Tabby & White
Birth Date:  11/23/92

Breeder/Owner:  Vicki & Steve Baylus

GP Title Earned:  1/8/94

GP B'ssa Timber

Brown McTabby & White
Birth Date:  2/12/90

Breeder:  Jane & Lou Barletta
Owner:  Nancy Tegeder

GP Title Earned:  4/23/94

GP, RW Irlu Jeremy Jim Cluvane

Black & White
Birth Date:  2/26/92

Breeder:  Mary A. Mulrennan
Owner:  Mary A. Mulrennan & Joclyn Versey

GP Title Earned:  5/28/94

GP Penja Kelly Kat

Brown McTabby & White
Birth Date:  8/28/93

Breeder:  Penny-Jack Kopf & Dawn Shiley
Owner:  Jonathan & Susan Vick

GP Title Earned:  11/26/94


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