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2007 NFC Grand Champions

GC Aqua Dolagon JellFairy Blue MacTabby - White Br: Makoto-Yuko Murofushi Ow: Shion Kishimura
GC Asgardkatt Sonoma Brown MacTabby - White Br/Ow: Sharon Jacko
GC Cherubin Blue Lace Blue MacTabby - White Br/Ow: Shuichi-Makiko Munemura
GC Finnishline Gilda Brown Patched Tabby - white Br/Ow: Colleen M. McGrady
GC Rockatts Beau of Lostwoods Silver Tabby-white Br: Sondra Evans Ow: B Mosal-G Mosal-L Vasa
GC Vanir Noelani of Norkatz Brown Tabby-white Br: Suzanne Eide-Cheryl McConnell Ow: Rodene R - Larry M Brchan
GC,Rw Cherubin Dolce Vita Brown MacTabby - White Br/Ow: Shuichi-Makiko Munemura
GC, DW Heavenly Joy Av Jostedalsbreen Brown Patched Tabby - White Br: Ilona Friedrich Ow: Russell K. L. Law
GC Herbal Meow Kreva Brown MacTabby - white Br: Asako Jojo Ow: Katsuhiro Watanabe
GC HopeaHannan Simo Samurai Red Tabby-white Br: Sari Sinkko Ow: Cynthia Lam-Edward Chan
GC, RW Nordictale Georgie Brown Tabby - White Br/Ow: Brook Cole
GC Norja Beatrix Potter Brown Patched Tabby - white Br/Ow: Jane Hayward
Russmania Constantine The Great Red Tabby-white Br: Russell K. L. Law Ow: Russell Law
GC, RW Sakursaku goo-Be-Boo Bikkle Cream Tabby-white Br/Ow: Makiko Sakurai
GC, RW Vanir Temperance Brennan Blue Patched Tabby-white Br/Ow: Cheryl McConnell-Suzanne Eide


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