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2006 NFC Grand Champions

GC Aqua Dolagon Alex of Rukbat Blue Tabby - White Br: Makoto-Yuko Murofushi Ow: Shinsuke-Setsuko Marui
GC Cresent View Mugi of Snufkin Brown MacTabby - White Br: Kazuko Tanaka Ow: Masataka Hashimoto
GC Eaglehill's Martin Marauder Brown MacTabby-white Br: Brenda-Kent Kershaw Ow: Brenda-Kent Kershaw
GC Herbalmeow MJ Blue MacTabby - White Br: Asako Hojo Ow: Mikio-Keiko Nishimura
GC, NW Thorsgard's Escalade Brown MacTabby - White Br: Deb Dursky - Libby Watkins Ow: Libby Watkins - Deb Dursky
GC Kitzn's Mariah Cattey Black - White Br: K. Kimberlin-J. Frederick-K.Bock Ow: K.Kimberlin-K.Bock-D.Burkhardt
GC, RW KWILL's Opuss One Brown MacTabby-white Br: K.Bock-W.Wharton-L.Forlano Ow: K.Bock-W.Wharton
GC Harry Potter Brown Tabby - White Br: Cheryl McConnell-Suzane Eide Ow: Cheryl McConnell-Suzane Eide
GC Aqua Dolagon Pre-Pre Blue Tabby - White Br/Ow: Makoto-Yuko Murofushi
GC Diamond Dust Sarion of Red Mirage Blue MacTabby - White Br: Aki Miyajima Ow: Miho Okoshi
GC, BW, RW Fuji-Forest Vivian of Rukbat Brown MacTabby - White Br: Kayoko Mochizuki Ow: Shinsuke-Setsuko Manui
GC Nordictale Eleanore Brown Tabby - white Br/Ow: Brook Cole
GC Mea Aloha Norse Legend D'arve Black-white Br: Sharon Au Ow: Sharon Au - Lawrence Au
GC Northfairy Kent of Pockethouse Black-white Br: Mari Kimura Ow: Kazue Matsuo
GC, DW Russmania Antonio Gaudi Red Tabby -white Br: Russell K. L. Law Ow: Lau Tsz Yan Ivy
GC Skogsander Dragomir of Russmania Silver MacTabby - White Br: Vikki R. Sands Ow: Russell K. L. Law
GC, RW Ellen Degeneres of Zapzkatz Brown Tabby - White Br: C A McConnell-S K Eide Ow: C McConnell-S Eide- M. Ammons
GC Vanir Xylina of Norkatz Black - White Br: C A McConnell-S Eide- K Black Ow: Rodene R - Larry M Brchan


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