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2005 NFC Grand Champions

GC, RW KWILL's Kamikaze Cocktail Brown MacTabby - white Br: K.Bock-W.Wharton-L.Forlano Ow: K.Bock-W.Wharton
GC Diamond's Dust Riku Brown MacTabby - White Br: Aki Miyajima Ow: Jun-Fumie Fujisawa
GC Diamond Dust Princess Marin Brown MacTabby - White Br: Aki Miyajima Ow: Misa Hashidate
GC Fairyd'muget Nel Blue MacTabby - White Br: Takako Asami Ow: Fumiko Hamasaki
GC Kitzn's Cattleya Brown MacTabby - white Br/OW: Keith Kimberlin
GC Irlu Thelma Roisin of Redzone Brown Patched Tabby Br: Mary Mulrennan Ow: David Langille-Joe Eppolito
GC Kitzn's Everyone Luvs Raymond Brown MacTabby-white Br/Ow: Keith Kimberlin-John Adelhoch
GC, BW Aqua Dolagon's Holly Brown Tabby - white Br/OW: Makoto Murofushi
GC Ouijakatz Comet of Lostwoods Red Tabby - White Br: Barbara-Brandy Midura Ow: Lisa Vasa-Brenda Mosal
GC Redzone Greacham Cluvane of Irlu Brown Tabby - White Br: Joe Eppolito-Mary Mulrennan Ow: Mary Mulrennan-Joe Eppolito
GC DW Sakurasaku Pepelintino of Russmania Red Tabby - White Br: Makiko AKUEi Ow: Russell K. L. Law
GC Woody Dagmar Brown MacTabby - White Br: Keith Kimberlin-Keith McDaniel OW: Keith Kimberlin
GC Redzone's Bridget Roisin of Irlu Brown Tortoiseshell - White Br/Ow: Joe Eppolito-mary Mulrennan


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