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Breaking News!!!!

All Amber colors are now part of the standard!

  Thank you, Dr. Elsey for sponsoring our breed!

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Welcome to the Cat Fanciers' Association
Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Council Web Site!

The Cat Fanciers' Association Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Council is a group of experienced breeders devoted to promoting the beauty, uniqueness and distinction of the breed.  It  is an advisory body within the CFA.  Members address issues about the breed standard through the Breed Council Secretary.  NFCBC members must have the specified experience breeding and showing Norwegian Forest Cats to be eligible to participate. 

We hope you learn much from this site about our wonderful Norwegian Forest Cats and visit often!

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GC, BW, RW Diamond Dust Manhattan Cafe
CFA's Best of Breed, 2011-2012 Show Year




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